Almost every one of us is so fond of investing in something that would reap us voluminous benefits. Customer Relationship Management is special software that has now got a trendy catch. The proper execution of this software is sure to yield tremendous goodness for the company.

What does a CRM do?

As the name implies, this software manages your relationship in a database. With that, you make the people, either the customers or the client as your pivotal point, and the CRM manages any relationship for that matter with endless possibilities. It doesn’t stop there! Its versatility extends to marketing, sales, orders, and support.

Relationship management means you can manage your contacts, leads, opportunities, and even forecast sales! This makes way to have a mobile CRM where you can perform email integration, manage DMs, calls, and voicemails, generate reports and get them on the dashboard. Furthermore, as an enhancement, you can even have sales analytics or have automated marketing and managed the campaign. There’s a lot more to it you can customize to your need!

By this time, while a part of your mind is amazed at the CRM software’s out-of-the-box services, the other part is perhaps thinking..” ugh! This software will possibly break my bank for the entire task it does!” Well, the answer to it is…it depends on where from you buy the CRM. There are numerous software companies everywhere, from pitch to post, and you can get CRM software from almost every one of them. The difference lies in how the pricing is fixed and what services are offered for the price you pay, and how those features help in the company’s betterment. There is affordable CRM software too from a very few software companies. It all depends on how well you perform thorough research before buying the right one.

How is the pricing for any CRM finalized?

The pricing of any CRM software is dynamic, which means it varies for one or more of the following reasons. The capacity of contacts, i.e., it costs more for more extensive databases, the features you may need- evident as it seems, the more features you need, the higher you will have to pay, size of the system- small businesses will have to pay lesser than enterprise system or the number of people who will access the system.

Is the price I pay worth it?

Here are some of the fundamental reasons why CRM would be your best bet while managing your customers.

CRM keeps track of all your leads and contacts utilizing registering them. Thereby having your customers and contacts organized is an added value to your business.

You can monitor and record almost every conversation your customer has had with anyone from your company. This is useful in more than one way. Whenever a customer or a prospect contacts you for the second time, you’ll know what to expect from them from the previous history of the conversation.

CRM discloses various possibilities and protects the customer data- the most valuable asset of your company. The focus on customers gets better with CRM software, which increases the sales and profit to your business. The CRM has long back crossed the stage of being an optional enhancement to your company and instead has now become an integral part of one.

From the very beginning, V7Lancers have aimed to provide affordable software to everyone. For all those small-scale businesses out there, the V7Lancers team has always been given a chance to enjoy the taste of having an online business/store. There are always endless opportunities to mint money, and V7Lancers worked with a motto of the development of the businesses.

The EezyCRM

EezyCRM from V7Lancers is the most reasonably priced software that cuts the operational cost by half of the existing one for any business. This cloud-based automation tool helps companies get real-time insight and improvise their lead conversion through multi-channel customer support.

Special features of EezyCRM

Like any CRM software, EezyCRM has its standard management features of the following: Lead, Deal, Customer profile, Workflow, Project, Sales, Accounts, Subscription, Task, Support and can have Payment gateway integration. To know more of these, refer https://v7lancers.com/eezy-crm/

Maybe you are already surprised at the awesomeness of EezyCRM, but there is still more!!

There are also few of the customizable features EezyCRM holds! And there’s a lot more to it for the individual modules. Some additional features of the EezyCRM make it stand exceptional. EezyCRM is one of the very few software which has those unique features and yet at an affordable price.

What makes the EezyCRM unique?

To all those companies where management with any software was a distant dream, it came true when V7Lancers stepped in! We gave them the luxury of managing every bit and piece in just a few clicks, and the best part is that we gave it at the most affordable rates!! And that’s why our existing customers are so fond of V7Lancers. We brought in the change for good! While software solutions in many places were money-driven, ours has always been service-driven, and that makes us come up with the most excellent products! And every one of our products helps in facilitating the conventional work!

The bottom line is….

With the development in the efficiency of the technology, beyond customer satisfaction, we have now reached a point where customers have to be delighted or pleased, and whoever achieves the joyful state of customers makes it towards their success. An efficient solution like the CRM is for sure expected to make the company stand a step ahead, and V7Lancers, as a step towards helping people achieve their software dreams, has come forward with EezyCRM, the most simplified one; for every firm!

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